Cuttlefish Stickers!

cuttlefish-img Hey all! Pleased to announce my (small) part in the launch of a new chat sticker app, StiKey! The neat thing about StiKey is that you can use the stickers you purchase in it in a whole bunch of other messengers, rather than needing all your friends to use the same app you're using. (The reason I never get to spam people with my other stickers..)

I got free reign to make whatever I wanted for the app, so I thought I'd take the chance to draw one of my constant favorites- cephalopods! I went with cuttlefish specifically because I thought they'd fit into the square space of a sticker the most easily. It wound up being quite a challenge to express 24 different emotions without the help of a MOUTH, but I enjoyed finding other tricks - squishing the body, changing the color scheme, and so on.

I do have plans to do more with these guys, too - I actually just put in an order for a set of magnets! Time for me to finally make some physical merch.. stay tuned for more on that front!

But in the mean time.. go ahead and inundate your friends with squishy cuttlefish and more in StiKey!

Snail Stickers for imo


My latest sticker pack for imo has been released!

I was asked to come up with a love-themed pack, and in my research, I came across the factoid that snails fire “love darts” as part of the mating process. (Apparently they, ah, assist fertility?) There are theories that this behavior was part of the origin of the Cupid myth, weirdly enough.

That was enough for me to decide that making some lovey-dovey snails would be an interesting route to take, and here we are!

Alien Invasion

UFO-awkward UFO-kissy UFO-shocked UFO-cry UFO-dancing UFO-sleep13-celebrate 10-silly 12-burp

It's an adorable invasion!

I got to do another animated pack for imo- what a blast these are!

I thought this time around an alien in a ufo would give me a chance to let these stickers really focus on expressions. That way, I could practice creating a really memorable personality with very simple elements- which can be quite a challenge for me!

He'll be zooming into your imo app soon :)

Big thanks to my AD Brandi Kolmer, for giving me such fun projects to work on.

Marie the Scientist - Sticker Pack for imo


Meet Marie!

I got to create another messaging sticker pack, this time for imo. And, as you can see, this time, it includes animated stickers!

This was my first time doing this kind of animation, and it was an absolute blast. I wound up going a little overboard and animated just about everything I could think of an animation for.. and now, I just want to keep going! What a fun new tool to have in my toolbox, and I'm really looking forward to getting better and better at it!

It's Shark Week!

Shark week starts tomorrow! To celebrate, I'd like to share this freshly-released set of shark stickers I made for Path. :) leopard-shark



Happy Halloween: Wisteria the Witch!

Happy Halloween everyone! To celebrate, I get to share one of the projects I spent this summer working on!

Meet Wisteria, a quirky witch character I created for a virtual sticker pack on the social networking app Path. It's a neat service, designed to purposely be more private than facebook - I can definitely get behind that! They sell a number of different sticker packs in their store, which you can then use to add a little more emotion and personality to your messages. (Here are some others I really like!)

This was just a great assignment from start to finish. My art directors over at Path were just a delight to work with (special shout-out to Leigh Lucas!). You have to love the clients whose suggestions always improve your work. :)

I've never done a series this big before, so that was definitely a challenge. I learned so much, I really wish I'd had an assignment like this in school. It was also really interesting trying to condense a character and an action down into a very simplified image. Some were still a bit overwrought at first, but I was able to pare things down.

So check out Path, and if you'd like to buy the sticker pack for your profile you can get it here!