It's Shark Week!

Shark week starts tomorrow! To celebrate, I'd like to share this freshly-released set of shark stickers I made for Path. :) leopard-shark



Happy Halloween: Wisteria the Witch!

Happy Halloween everyone! To celebrate, I get to share one of the projects I spent this summer working on!

Meet Wisteria, a quirky witch character I created for a virtual sticker pack on the social networking app Path. It's a neat service, designed to purposely be more private than facebook - I can definitely get behind that! They sell a number of different sticker packs in their store, which you can then use to add a little more emotion and personality to your messages. (Here are some others I really like!)

This was just a great assignment from start to finish. My art directors over at Path were just a delight to work with (special shout-out to Leigh Lucas!). You have to love the clients whose suggestions always improve your work. :)

I've never done a series this big before, so that was definitely a challenge. I learned so much, I really wish I'd had an assignment like this in school. It was also really interesting trying to condense a character and an action down into a very simplified image. Some were still a bit overwrought at first, but I was able to pare things down.

So check out Path, and if you'd like to buy the sticker pack for your profile you can get it here!