Cuttlefish Stickers!

cuttlefish-img Hey all! Pleased to announce my (small) part in the launch of a new chat sticker app, StiKey! The neat thing about StiKey is that you can use the stickers you purchase in it in a whole bunch of other messengers, rather than needing all your friends to use the same app you're using. (The reason I never get to spam people with my other stickers..)

I got free reign to make whatever I wanted for the app, so I thought I'd take the chance to draw one of my constant favorites- cephalopods! I went with cuttlefish specifically because I thought they'd fit into the square space of a sticker the most easily. It wound up being quite a challenge to express 24 different emotions without the help of a MOUTH, but I enjoyed finding other tricks - squishing the body, changing the color scheme, and so on.

I do have plans to do more with these guys, too - I actually just put in an order for a set of magnets! Time for me to finally make some physical merch.. stay tuned for more on that front!

But in the mean time.. go ahead and inundate your friends with squishy cuttlefish and more in StiKey!