Alien Invasion

UFO-awkward UFO-kissy UFO-shocked UFO-cry UFO-dancing UFO-sleep13-celebrate 10-silly 12-burp

It's an adorable invasion!

I got to do another animated pack for imo- what a blast these are!

I thought this time around an alien in a ufo would give me a chance to let these stickers really focus on expressions. That way, I could practice creating a really memorable personality with very simple elements- which can be quite a challenge for me!

He'll be zooming into your imo app soon :)

Big thanks to my AD Brandi Kolmer, for giving me such fun projects to work on.

Mermaid Puzzle

blog - mermaids cape codI got to do another jigsaw puzzle for mud puddle! These are available in select retail stores in and around Boston. :) (I think you can also buy them online if you send an email to mud puddle.)

This is one of the most challenging illustrations I've done to date - the composition was way more complex than the pirate puzzle I'd done previously. But again, I really learned a lot - and most of this piece was really useful practice for the GP Miami playmat I had to illustrate a few weeks later.. :)

Like the pirate puzzle, I had to do a second background for this piece to reflect a different locale, in this case, Boston Harbor. Unlike the pirate piece (where I just changed a few buildings on the skyline), this required a dramatic overhaul of the composition. It was.. intense! I'm fairly pleased with the results, though:

blog - mermads boston

Women Warriors

tribal-lady space-lady viking-lady

I've been continuing to experiment as a way to keep myself fresh as I chug through the long & large projects I have right now. Loving what I'm making!

I drew the orc lady just to improve my mood on a tough night, and then I liked the pose/figure so much I thought I'd just try using it as a base to do some character designs! I've actually never done that before, it was waaay fun. And it gave me a chance to work on building up sort of a lexicon of surface treatments for when I'm working this way, which I think will be very useful.

I also restricted my color palette to just 4 colors, as an exercise. I'm daydreaming of being able to do intaglios or something some day..