Mermaid Puzzle

blog - mermaids cape codI got to do another jigsaw puzzle for mud puddle! These are available in select retail stores in and around Boston. :) (I think you can also buy them online if you send an email to mud puddle.)

This is one of the most challenging illustrations I've done to date - the composition was way more complex than the pirate puzzle I'd done previously. But again, I really learned a lot - and most of this piece was really useful practice for the GP Miami playmat I had to illustrate a few weeks later.. :)

Like the pirate puzzle, I had to do a second background for this piece to reflect a different locale, in this case, Boston Harbor. Unlike the pirate piece (where I just changed a few buildings on the skyline), this required a dramatic overhaul of the composition. It was.. intense! I'm fairly pleased with the results, though:

blog - mermads boston

Creature Collection: Squirrel


Alright! Another piece released for SCG!

This is actually my favorite of the bunch, but not because of the squirrel - because of the background! I just really had fun painting it and learned a lot that I’ve wound up applying to future paintings. :) I really like the play of flatness with dimension here, and it’s something I’m exploring further in current work.

Creature Collection: Penguin

Another piece that’s been waiting in limbo!!

This is the first of a series of illustrations I’ve done for my day job at The illustrations are each being released as full lines of products for trading card game players :D (Sleeves, deckboxes, playmats, etc.)

The set with this illustration are now FOR SALE on their site, including in particular the playmat (which is like a giant mousepad) and the dicebag (which is actually a sunglasses case!)

It’s all been a very bewildering and wonderful experience. :) I hope you all enjoy what I’ve made and what’s yet to come!