Creature Collection: Zombies

Creature Collection - Zombies Another Creature Collection piece revealed! Like the others in the series, this illustration is printed on a line of trading card game accessories - card sleeves, playmats, deckboxes, cardboxes, and dicebags. They're also being printed as promotional tokens given out by for use while playing Magic: The Gathering. :)

This piece was the first time I actually approached the image knowing it was going to be on a playmat. For the others, for various reasons, I did the token first and then expanded it out to fit the playmat/deckbox layout. Because of that, this is the only one with a whole cast of characters. The fun thing is that we then got to give each one their own token! :)

I actually really, really enjoyed doing this piece. I used a different brush set than usual (I honestly tend to stick with the default round) and got really excited about the textures and colors. The little guy in the lower right is my favorite, he just looks so cute. :)



Creature Collection: Squirrel


Alright! Another piece released for SCG!

This is actually my favorite of the bunch, but not because of the squirrel - because of the background! I just really had fun painting it and learned a lot that I’ve wound up applying to future paintings. :) I really like the play of flatness with dimension here, and it’s something I’m exploring further in current work.