The Deadly Draugr at The Night of the Exquisite Corpse!

The amazing Night of the Exquisite Corpse show opened at the amazing Light Grey Art Lab last Friday! If you are anywhere near Minneapolis, you must absolutely check it out. A room full of hilarious undead paper toys with body parts you can swap! I am completely amazed by some of the creations these amazing artists came up with. For my toy, I started with a little bit of research about interesting undead creatures. I quickly came across the Draugr, a baddie from skyrim creature from Norse mythology. Basically, Draugr are undead vikings. Another chance to draw a goofy viking? SOLLLD.

So this sketch:

 The Deadly Draugr Sketch


Turned into this dieline:


Which turned into this toy!

Draugr Paper Toy

And the best part? You can buy the dieline and make one yourself!

You should also, definitely, definitely, check out the other work in the show. They even put together an interactive site where you can randomly assemble parts from different toys! It is incredible, and you should spend all day playing with it.

Thanks so much to Light Grey Art Lab for putting this together! Those guys are so amazing, watch out for all the other amazing shows they do!