10 Things I Learned at Illustration Boot Camp!

Life has been such a whirlwind! Big projects at work and outside of work, got sick for a while (blargh) and I went to ILLUSTRATION BOOT CAMP!

So. There's this fantastic place in Minneapolis called Light Grey Art Lab. They have super sweet gallery shows (like the recent Pokemon show, and the upcoming Night of the Exquisite Corpse paper toy show, which yours truly is participating in!) and run a lot of classes and workshops and so on. I heard from a friend that they were having a 2-day Illustration workshop led by none other than Meg Hunt! AAAND that a bunch of my friends from school were going! (Chelsey, Marisa, Abi, Kaycie. WHEE!) So.. I had to go.

And it was FANTASTIC! Trying to blog about every little minute would just be exhausting, but I did think up 10 things I learned at Illustration Boot Camp and made a little.. thing. I learned an 11th thing working on it - that no matter how much I admire hand lettering projects, I still hate doing it.

There will be more to come re: bootcamp! We made a super sweet zine and I'll post some pictures and link to all the fantastic people I met!