Pirates Process Post: Snackie Snotbubble!

Hidden pun: What do zombies like to eat for breakfast?*

Check it ouuuttttt! Brand spanking new art for Pirates Vs Pirates!

This here is the cook for the zombie pirates. I'm not totally sure about her name yet, but for now I've dubbed her Snackie Snotbubble. I really wasn't sure how this illustration was going to go for a while, but I must say I am pretty damn pleased!

I don't have a lot of sketches to show you (read: any) because.. I didn't do any. Actually, I did one maybe 20 second sketch that I didn't even bother to scan in before starting. Honestly sometimes without deadlines, I'll sketch and sketch forever and never think it's the BEST it could be.. so I just kinda ran into things headlong. Truth be told I do that fairly often with paintings, because I often don't know what it's going to need until it's halfway done. You can see just how VERY little I started out with by checking out the progression below:

This is how it all happens, folks..

Pretty bare bones sketch, huh? I.. don't like drawing. I like to dig in and get the forms with shapes and colors.

For me the turning point was between 3 and 4. Detailing the soup and the face made SUCH a huge difference in how much I liked the image. Initially I wasn't planning on doing much more with the face than what was in 3, but it just .. didn't look right to me. I couldn't figure it out. I talked to some friends from MIAD and they said (among many other fantastic critiques and suggestions) that she just seemed to be lacking character. So I went in and played with adding just a little more dimension to the face with highlights on her cheeks and brows and suddenly - WOW - she had so much more character. What a difference a few minutes of careful thought and work can make!

Once I have the card together I'll post it here as well, I just have to decide for certain on her name..

*WHOLE BRAIN MUFFINS.. that's what is in the lower right corner.