A Year of Rosies: Hatshepsut

Very Accurately Translated hieorglyphics, that.

This is the second piece for my A Year of Rosies calendar. To be honest, I think I could have found a cooler "ruler" than Hatshepsut, but she was pretty awesome and I was working on a tight deadline. Besides, I wanted the chance to draw a non-white person.

I'll take this opportunity to discuss a little bit the visuals of the calendar. What I want to do is have each figure referencing both the red and white polkadot kercheif as well as the classic Rosie pose. Ada's arm was up in a stylized depiction of writing, Hatshepsut here.. well. It was too good a joke to miss. :)

I've gotten some great suggestions for other ladies to feature, but I can definitely use more! Here are some possible candidates, to awe and inspire you: Nellie Bly, badass reporter lady who traveled around the world and faked insanity in order to write an expose on mental institutions, Wilma Rudolph, who battled polio as a child and still managed to be the fasted woman in the world, Walllada bint al-Mustafki, sexy poet lady with a secret lover, Kate Sheppard, leader of New Zealand's suffragette movement who helped make New Zealand the first country to give women the vote, and like.. a lot more. There are so damn many, I'll have to make more calendars. :)