Checkmate Games Playmat

playmat-final Fun little project I wrapped up this week, a special playmat for Checkmate Games & Hobbies in Toledo. :) They’ll be giving these out as prizes for their upcoming Invitational tournament.

For those who don’t know, a playmat is like a giant mousepad that you put your cards on at a magic tournament. It sits between you and your opponent.

That’s why I’ve always, always wanted to do a playmat with this layout! Now it looks great for both you and your opponent, and there’s some personalization with deciding which “side” you want to be. I think it’s fun!

Thanks for letting me run with my crazy idea, Checkmate Games! :)

GP Miami Playmat for


GP Miami Playmat

HOOO BOY. This one was a challenge!

I got to do SCG’s playmat for Grand Prix Miami in June!

We went through a lot of different ideas and eventually settled on this craaazy crammed beach scene. My thought was that one of the interesting things about playmats is that you spend a lot of time looking at them but not really seeing them, while you’re playing. I wanted to create something that would sort of surprise you every once and again with something you maybe didn’t notice before. :)

Also, I happen to have a lot more WIP shots than usual this time, so I put together a process gif for y’all! :) Should show you just how much stuff I fiddle around with during a painting. No matter how hard I try to plan everything out ahead of time, things always change as I start responding to what I have.