MTG Grand Prix: Charlotte


Wow! What a weekend!

I recently had (my first ever) Artist table - and I happened to have it at the largest Magic: the Gathering tournament in the history of the game. Trial by fire, anyone?

Basically, my daytime employer,, sent me to this event so I could sign the products they’ve been coming out with that have my illustrations on them. I also got to sell some playmats and prints, and take some small commissions.

It was super fun and super surreal - I can’t believe people wanted me to ruin their belongings by writing my name on them! Everyone I met was just lovely and I really look forward to doing more events in the future.

The best part - I got to have dinner with Steve Belledin, Eric Deschamps, and Terese Nielsen - three extremely skilled Magic artists whose work I really admire.

And now to settle in and paint/draw/doodle my little tushy off to catch up!