Pirates Process Part 2: Ursula the Undead

Process from Sketch to Finish

Second piece I finished for Pirates vs Pirates (vs Pirates vs Pirates): Ursula the Undead, queen and captain of the zombies! She's a pretty straightforward zombie pirate sort of thing, but who can resist some classic green zombies? They're fun!

I really wish I had more of the progress shots on this one. You can see from the sketch to the final how much I wound up changing the pose. Mostly her legs - it just wasn't clear enough with her leg obscured by the long skirts, so I moved it and moved it and moved it, shortened the skirt, removed the skirt, all kinds of stuff to get to what you see there. I also went through a lot of variations of the ship (you can see in the middle one a bit of what I'm talking about - there was a higher platform and a lower part) and a great deal of color combos. Originally it was sunset, but it didn't feel zombie enough.

The character design didn't change as radically as Gran - she was pretty much settled early on. The tricky part, for me, was making her a "cute" enough zombie. (And stylized enough.) You can see that progress on the sketchdump below.

Sketch sketch sketch sketch...