Shelfie Goals

shelfie-web Lately when I've been drawing, I've just been wanting to get lost in the details. I've been doing these complex ink drawings of shelves and shelves of plants. This one started as a pencil drawing (increasingly rare for me - I'm impatient and likely to go straight-to-ink in personal work) and I wound up inking it with a fountain pen. I liked the drawing enough to want to color it, but the paper wasn't strong enough for watercolor. I decided to bust out my old copic markers (it's been years) and I'm so happy withΒ how they worked out! It was a really fun challenge to mix up some interesting colors with a very limited palette- I only used peaches, pink, greens, and one sky blue.

A few WIP shots from Instagram:

Inky inky

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Sort of an aspirational shelfie, I suppose? #tw

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