Inktober 2017

full sheet Whew! I made it through Inktober without missing a single day! (I will admit, I tried to keep a few pieces ahead for a buffer..)

I've also made a little gallery of all the pieces.

For every day in October, I did a straight-to-ink painting in red & black. They're all 8"x8" and botanical/plant inspired. Beyond that... well, I tried every single thing I could think of! I used a lot of different materials - brush pens, dip pens, felt tip pens, ballpoint, markers, etc.

It was really fun trying to find ways to keep things fresh & interesting, and also going back and mining ideas to see what I could riff on. I certainly feel like I have a lot to keep building on over the next few months. That said.. I'll be glad I don't need to do it EVERY DAY anymore!

Nearly all of these pieces are available for sale on my shop. I hope to do a few prints & other things with them soon as well so stay tuned.