verdant styledHappy summer, everyone! I cannot get over how green it is, everywhere! Every neighborhood, roadside, and park around here just seems to be bursting with foliage and life.

This drawing above is my attempt to capture what it feels like right now, to walk outside and be completely engulfed in a wall of green. I based it loosely on a photo I took while walking in the nearby park - I loved the play of light and dark and how it made such interesting shapes.


It's another big colored pencil piece- my most complex by far. I thought I'd work on it on and off for about a week or so, turns out it was more like three! I really enjoyed the process, though. The "sketch" was nothing more than a light V to delineate the white area, from there I drew in shapes as I colored them, working mostly from bottom to top and front to back.

Here are a few of my in-progress shots:

This should keep me busy for a while! #tw

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Making progress #wip

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Hilariously I've spent a week thinking I was "almost done" 😝 #tw #wip

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And the full piece in all her splendor:

Verdant by Liz Nugent Verdant Colored Pencil on Paper 18 x 24 inches