Tried & True Techniques for Surviving a Feeling

zinesI made my first zine! And it's now available in my shop. It's a little book about feelings and how to deal with them. A little bit serious, a little bit silly, and very honest.

This project was really the culmination of a lot of factors. I'd been wanting to make a longer-form personal project for a while, but I also wanted to make sure it was something I could definitely finish. My experience at SPX last year got me really interested in zines, and eventually I figured it would be cool (and a good motivator) to try and have one ready for SPX this year. (Which I managed!)

I was also spending a lot of time working in my sketchbook, due to taking a daily doodle pledge in a workshop my friend Zara gave. During that, I realized that despite the fact that my work tends to be very tightly finished/colorful, I was really drawn to the simplicity and honesty of my straight-to-ink sketchbook drawings. I liked that they felt so personal, but also the messiness gave me more chances to be funny, too. Eventually that work developed into a series of drawings that I then pushed further into this little tiny book.

I really enjoyed getting to step away from my usual children's-oriented stuff and try something a little bit different (although hopefully it still feels like me!). It's also incredibly satisfying to have a little stack of physical booklets to look at and know that I put them together completely myself, from start to finish. Really, really looking forward to making more!