Bad Beets

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For years, I've dreamed of illustrating a board or card game. My senior project at MIAD actually was a series of illustrations for a card game I'd come up with. (I can't claim the game was any good, but I'm still reasonably happy with the art!)

A few months ago, Stone Blade Entertainment gave me the chance to make this dream come true! They asked me to illustrate their new kid's card game, Bad Beets. It's a bluffing game where you try to get rid of your awful, gross, nasty beets using every trick in the book deck. And as of TODAY, it is released into the world!!


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One of my favorite things about the project was getting to draw a diverse cast of kids. Not only was my awesome art director Ryan O'Connor on board with that plan, he was absolutely insistent that we go that route. I got to take a lot of inspiration from my art class students, too.

And my other favorite thing?

Stone Blade got a BEET COSTUME made up for Gen Con!!! Does this count as the first cosplay of a character I drew? ;) Seriously, the coolest, funniest thing.

#badbeets !! Shoutout to the dude in the background, hil wait for it larious! #gencon2015 #gencon2015 #badbeets

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