Holiday Mice for Path

Happy Holidays, all!

I got the chance to create a sweet and warm holiday sticker pack for Path!

The challenge here was that it needed to represent Christmas, Hanukkah, and New Years. To be honest, all I knew about Hanukkah when I started this project was what I learned from an old Lamb Chop's Play Along special as a little girl, so I had a fair amount of research to do!

I also felt that the color palette was going to be key. I wanted to be able to give a nod to the traditional Christmas colors without being cliche or excluding Hanukkah. Eventually, I decided that I really just wanted things to feel warm and a little nostalgic, so I wound up mixing earthy tones with a few fresh pops of color. (Took a lot of color inspiration from the incredible Teagan White.)

Brushes from Kyle T Webster were also vital to creating a hand-painted feel.