Media Playtime

Ever since participating in #inktober, I've been trying really hard to continue exploring traditional media. It gives me a nice break from the computer, and a chance to just play around and see what sticks! This is one such experiment. Normally, in my sketchbooks I tend to just draw figures and characters. However, in the children's art classes I teach (ought to write about that sometime) I often find myself drawing lots of background stuff- trees, houses, and so on. I emphasize the importance of a nice background environment to them, but I realized I'd been neglecting it in my own work!

So, one day, I took a scrap of illustration board and doodled a little house in the hills with brush pen. A few days later, I wanted to add color. Unfortunately, since I'd used a water-soluble ink in the pen, my options were limited. I wound up using copics, since I had some on hand from when I used to draw playmats. It came out okay, but felt a bit simple.. so I also layered in some colored pencils.

All told, I'm not sure I love how it turned out, but I at least enjoyed playing with it. I think it would benefit from gutsier color choices (I'm not sure I'd let my students get away with boring green grass!), which is at least a nice lesson for next time!