Plant Drawings for GrOH and a Mural!

palm 1 -sm.jpg
palm 2 -sm.jpg

Over the past few weeks I’ve had the great pleasure of working with GrOH! Playrooms, a local business that designs play spaces. They’ve been working on designing a dinosaur-themed space for an occupational therapist, and I got to make some art for it!

They asked me to these two ink drawings of prehistoric-y plants to help bring balance to some of the more colorful elements in the space.

I also got to try my hand at designing my first mural! Something I’ve always wanted to try out. They needed some big but friendly dinosaurs for one of the walls. Here’s how it turned out:

(A+ paint job by Anne!)

It’s pretty surreal to see my art at that size in person!

A really fun gig all around, and so amazing to see how GrOH! put the whole space together. Most of the work I do stays digital, so it’s really cool to have something with some physicality.

Just for fun, I took the two ink drawings and imagined how they might look as 2 color riso prints. Some day..!

palm 1 fake riso.jpg
palm 2 fake riso.jpg