Wisconsin Storytime: Farming and Agriculture

WisconsinI got to do a piece for this lovely project called Wisconsin Storytime, a loving homage to Wisconsin put together by designers Josh Cox and Doua Vue. My subject was Farming and Agriculture, and when I signed up my concept for the piece was completely different than when I finally got around to drawing it! I guess that shows how much my work is evolving.

I absolutely knew I wanted to draw a cow no matter what, though - I adore them and they are everything Wisconsin to me. After I got her nailed down, I started drawing food and piecing things together to find the shape. Honestly, it was all a bit generic looking until my bud Chelsey pointed me to vintage produce ads, which became my color inspiration. Then I fell back in love with the illustration and I'm very happy with how it came out. It will serve as a reminder to me not to ignore my neutrals!

Prints are available at my INPRNT store for those so motivated!

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