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I’ve been working on a few smaller colored pencil pieces so I can experiment a bit. I’ve found that when I get to the end stages of a larger piece I start to get very precious with it (very afraid of “ruining” it) which is not a fun place to be, creatively! So working smaller […]

Veiled Mushroom

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I’ve been meaning to make another neon-colored illustration to be a companion for this other one. I didn’t have any ideas that felt the right amount of related-but-different, for a while. Then, a friend of mine sent me a photo of a veiled mushroom, and I knew it would be perfect and a bit maddening! […]

How to Fake a Riso Print

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I’ve been meaning to write a little post explaining how I create my faux-risograph illustrations in Photoshop. My buddy Anika asked me about it the other day and I figured it was time to finally do it! So, here we go- a little tutorial on how to fake some delicious printing textures. I am not […]

That ADHD Life

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Trying to get my comic hat back on a little bit. Also trying to make some darn mac and cheese!

Potting Shed

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Here’s a piece I’ve been chipping away at for the last few weeks. It started as just meditative little straight-to-ink sketchbook doodle. I really liked how it turned out, so I thought I’d try coloring it up as if it were a riso print. Because that means color separations, it’s always a bit of a […]

Shelfie Goals

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Lately when I’ve been drawing, I’ve just been wanting to get lost in the details. I’ve been doing these complex ink drawings of shelves and shelves of plants. This one started as a pencil drawing (increasingly rare for me – I’m impatient and likely to go straight-to-ink in personal work) and I wound up inking […]


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We had the prettiest snow here a few weeks ago – big fat flakes drifting down, just enough to cover the grass in a soft white blanket. I took a long drive in the country to visit a friend and just feasted my eyes on the beautiful Breugel-esque rolling hills. It’s been in my mind […]

Pike’s Peak & Ponds

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My sister moved from my hometown in Wisconsin to Colorado Springs this year. For Christmas, I wanted to make her something that would celebrate her new home & remind her of other home. So, I made two pieces- one (above) of Pike’s Peak, the iconic mountain she can see from her new apartment, along with […]


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I realized I should get some practice drawing interior spaces, so I dreamed up this little illo of some siblings embroiled in a fierce game of pretend. I do think I started to find fun in the background elements – I liked the storytelling I could accomplish by adding toys/clutter/etc. It’s based on a watercolor […]

Dessert Doodles

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I’m working on a project that involves a lot of desserts, so I decided to try and practice on a few before I really dig in! Here are a few little dessert doodles – a strawberry parfait, an ice cream sundae, and a host of mini pies!