Neon Forest

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Had this idea rattling around in my head for a week or two – glad I managed to get it out. A friend of mine is moving away and she gave me her massive set of primsacolor pencils, including some crazy neon colors. I’m normally more into muted palettes – especially lately – but I […]

Recent Art

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I’ve been painting and drawing with ink a lot lately. I’ve been using a few different methods and materials – dip pen, brush, and a few different waterbrushes that I’ve filled with acrylic ink. Most of the red/teal you see here is from those waterbrushes- I’m finding I really like the color combination. All three […]


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Happy summer, everyone! I cannot get over how green it is, everywhere! Every neighborhood, roadside, and park around here just seems to be bursting with foliage and life. This drawing above is my attempt to capture what it feels like right now, to walk outside and be completely engulfed in a wall of green. I based it […]

Phonics Museum

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  I love when things get announced and I finally get to show you what the heck I’ve been doing! Last summer, I got to check off another dream project – working on a game/app! An educational kids app, no less. I got to make art for this massive phonics app & game collection called […]

Girls Draw

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Alongside my illustration work, I also teach kids art classes a couple times a week. It’s a great complement to freelance life – gets me out of the house and talking to humans, gives me a community to be a part of, and best of all, I get to spend time with my wonderful, inspiring […]

Botanical Paintings

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I’ve been finding myself wanting to work with traditional media more and more lately. I have a nice, sunny room upstairs where I’ve set up some sketchbooks and inks, and I tend to doodle there while I drink my morning coffee. I don’t really plan anything, I just sit down and paint whatever seems fun […]

Reading Bears Postcard

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New promo postcard illustration! Still have to draw/design the back, then I’ll be ordering a big stack of these to send around. I have a part-time job as a children’s art teacher. One of the things I do at that job is create sample images for our various assignments. So basically I do a drawing that […]


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I made a comic! I love making comics, but I only ever make them when I have a flash-of-inspiration style idea, one that comes all at once. That’s pretty rare for me. I haven’t figured out a process that lets me get through “working out” an idea that’s not fully formed with comics, like I […]

Collaboration with The Furrow

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Art is the best job. I mean, it’s always great. But sometimes, you get an opportunity that’s just so ridiculously cool, it’s hard to believe it’s part of your actual job! That’s what this project felt like. The Furrow, a very cool animation studio in Kentucky, invited me to be part of their collaborative animation demo reel. […]


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Behind my parents’ house in Wisconsin is a huge empty grassy space we just called “the field.” My siblings and I spent a ton of our childhood wandering around in “the fields,” full of tall grass and shrubs and locusts and moths and turtles and one time, an abandoned washing machine. Later, the city added […]